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This FREE program lets you create word lists and search natural language text files for words, phrases, and patterns. SCP is a concordance and word listing program that is able to read texts written in many languages.There are built-in alphabets for English, French, German, Polish, Greek, Russian, etc. SCP contains an alphabet editor which you can use to create alphabets for any other language. Click HERE for the licence agreement. To get a feel for SCP click HERE for a tour. To see the tour in action run the Video . To read the help file click scphelp.pdf

  • You can generate concordances, and search for words or phrases. You can produce both KWIC and Line-Based concordances. The words used can be highlighted in context or contracted. Left and right context sorting can be achieved. The concordances can be printed or saved to files.
  • You can save concordances in html to display on the web.
  • You can create word lists, which you can sort , print, or save. Sorting can be done in ascending or descending alphabetic or frequency order.
  • You can specify words and phrases using a prefix, a suffix, specific words, or using a pattern. You can select a group of words from which to produce your concordances and word lists.
  • You can exclude words using a stoplist.
  • You can display statistics of letter and word-frequency usage.
  • You can define the method of reading text, the types of symbols used, together with their collating order and style of embedded text references.Many text files already exist in forms that SCP can handle. Several sample files are included in the SCP download.
Other options are available and described in the built-in help file. SCP development benefits from feedback for those who use it. Please let me know of features you would like to see in future releases. The software runs under Windows and MacOS. For other operating systems please email me Alan Reed.

Download SCP 4.0.9 (build 88) for 32bit Intel Windows 95/98/ME/NT4/2000/XP/Vista/7/8/10
Software last updated 14th May 2016 This is still under development, so use at your own risk.
On the Plus Side,
(1) 4.0.9 runs very much faster than 4.0.7 .
(2) html results can be produced .
(3) codepage symbols can now be displayed .
On the Minus Side, there are a few issues:
(1) a // at file end.
(2) No font can use KOI8.
SCP Download Link Size in bytes Notes
SCP 4.0.9(build 88)(self installing) 6,772,224
SCP 4.0.9(build 88)(ditto zipped) 6,340,816


Download SCP 4.0.9 (build 18) for Apple MacOS X on INTEL
Software last updated 13th March 2011.
SCP Download Link Size in bytes Notes
SCP 4.0.9(build 18) 2,852,870 10.4 or better

Download SCP 4.0.9 (build 10) for Apple MacOS X on PowerPC
Software last updated 28th July 2007. Frozen - no more updates for PPC MacOS 10.3 .
SCP Download Link Size in bytes Notes
SCP 4.0.9(build 10) 2,175,405 10.3 or better


Download SCP 4.0.7 for 32bit Intel Windows 95/98/ME/NT4/2000/XP
Software last updated 14th April 2003 . No longer available.
SCP Download Link Size in bytes Notes
SCP 4.0.7(self installing) 11,388,928 no longer available
SCP 4.0.7(ditto zipped) 10,752,542 no longer available

XML .scp and IE5
The SCP program uses XML syntax when writing the project files. Although they have and need the extension .scp to be picked up by the SCP program, they can, if given an .xml extension instead, be viewed with XML processing software. This capability is now available in Internet Explorer release 5. So if you copy an .scp file and give the copy an extension of .xml you can view it as a tree structure in Internet Explorer Release 5. To do that you use the File/Open/Browse All Files in Explorer 5 and look for .xml extensions. Similarly the scp.dat file, if say, copied to scp.xml can be viewed in IE5 in a similar way.

FIX for MSVCR100.dll
When you install SCP you may find that an error occurs indicating that the application cannot find MSVCR100.dll and asks you to reinstall it.

There is a Microsoft fix for this issue. Download and execute the program vcredist_x86.exe from the following link.


It is 4.83MB in size.

For the record, vcredist_x86.exe, is a Microsoft written program that installs some 're-distributable software' that is needed by programs compiled using Microsoft's 2010 C++ compiler.

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